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What's New in uAlign?

View and categorize users based upon their response to a message's questions.

uAlign now makes it easier for authors to categorize respondents based upon their responses.  Each message's Response Report page now has an available comma-separated value (CSV) report containing each user's response to each question in the message.  The report includes each respondent's username, first name, last name, email address, and their response to each of the message's questions.

Assign multiple users to a group at once.

uAlign now makes it easier for administrators to assign multiple users to a single group in bulk. The Groups page accepts a simple comma-separated value (CSV) file containing each user's email address. After all the users are assigned to the selected group, uAlign will notify the administrator with an email summarizing the results.


See all your completed messages.

uAlign now makes it easier for users to refer to information within a uAlign message after the message is complete. A new "Complete" filter shows all the channels, campaigns, and messages you've completed.  Remember, you can also search for messages and mark a particular message as a favorite.


Go right to the channel or campaign you want to edit - no more paging.

uAlign now allows an author or administrator to view or rearrange messages in a particular channel/campaign even more quickly.  A new channel/campaign droplist in the Manage view allows an author or administrator to select the channel or campaign they want to edit, without paging through multiple screens.


See which questions are survey questions and which questions are graded.

uAlign now allows your users to distinguish a message's survey questions from graded questions. uAlign now displays a simple "Survey" or "Graded" tag next to each question in a message. Remember, a uAlign message can contain both survey and graded questions.


Drive your users to the uAlign website with better notification emails.

uAlign's notification emails now display the most recently sent message in the subject line. Also, the first lines of text in the email (which typically show up in an email's preview) now indicate the number of messages awaiting response from the user.


Ensure that all users are notified of a specific uAlign message.

uAlign now allows an administrator or author to send an immediate email notification for any message that has been delivered, but not yet completed. Each user who has not responded to the message will receive a notification for that message, regardless of their email notification setting.

This is helpful when you want to notify all your uAlign users of a new channel, campaign, or message - even if some users have their email notifications disabled.  uAlign will send an email notification for the selected message to every user who hasn't yet responded to the message.


Avoid conflicts when editing the same uAlign message.

Multiple authors can now avoid conflicts when editing the same uAlign message. uAlign now displays the name of the user who performed the most recent edit to a uAlign message.


Find and open messages for editing quickly.

uAlign now allows an admin or author to search for all messages, including draft, pending, and delivered messages.

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