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uAlign Authors: How do I create or edit a message?


Messages are uAlign's primary content. Each uAlign Message contains a title, text, and optional (though highly recommended) knowledge-check questions or survey questions.  Each Message is delivered via a Channel or a Campaign. 


  • Product: ANCILE uAlign


To save a message as a draft at any time, click Save as Draft.

  1. Ensure that the proper organization name is displayed in the upper left.
  2. Access the Create Message screen:
    • To create a new message, click the Create tab at the top of the page.
    • To edit an existing message, click the Manage tab, click Pending on the left navigation bar, and click the Edit icon for the message you want to edit.
  3. In the Name field, enter the name of the message (up to 64 characters)
  4. In the Description field, enter a description of the message (up to 255 characters). This description will be seen by users on their dashboard.
  5. In the Content field, enter the message content.  You can enter rich text, import images, create links to web content, and embed videos.
  6. To attach a file to the message:
    1. Click Attach file to this message.
    2. Click the Browse... button to select the desired file.
  7. In the Select One Campaign Or Channel For Delivery list, select the appropriate campaign or channel where the message is to be delivered.
  8. If the message will be delivered in a channel, specify the message delivery date and due date:
    1. In the Start Date field, select the date when the message should be available to subscribers.
    2. In the Due By selection, select the date when the message must be completed.
      • To select a fixed calendar date, select Fixed Date and choose the Due Date.
      • To select a due date based upon a specified number of calendar days, select Rolling Date and choose the Number Of Days to Complete (whole number from 1 - 365). Any new users subscribed to channel containing a rolling message will have the full duration to complete the message, regardless of when they were subscribed to the channel.
  9. To add one or more questions to the message:
    1. Click Add Questions.
    2. To add a new question, click Multiple Choice or Fill in the Blank.
    3. Enter the question text.
    4. If the question will be an ungraded survey question, select the Survey checkbox. Otherwise, for graded questions, leave the Survey checkbox blank.
    5. For a graded question, enter the Possible Answers (fill in the blank) or the available choices (multiple choice) with the correct choice indicated.
      • To add additional answers for a multiple choice question, click Add Answer.
    6. In the Correct responses required to pass field, select the passing percentage.
      • Note: Survey questions s are not included in this percentage.
    7. In the Retries allowed before failure field, select the number of times the user can take the assessment.
  10. Click Publish.
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