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uAlign Authors: What's the difference between a channel and campaign?


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Channels and Campaigns are uAlign's delivery mechanisms for messages. Channels and Campaigns both contain a sorted list of messages for users. Channels differ from Campaigns in how the Messages are sorted, and how a user can consume the messages.


What It Is

How It Works

When To Use It


A Channel contains a collection of standalone Messages sorted for the user by due date.

Although each Message in a Channel has its own due date, a user can consume a Channel's Messages in any order they wish. 

Channels are best suited for situations where the author needs the flexibility to provide standalone Messages at any time.

  • Process Change Notifications
  • Software Updates
  • Upcoming Events


A Campaign contains a collection of related Messages that the user must complete in the order specified by the author.

A user can see how many Messages are in a Campaign, but they can access only the topmost Message. Once the user has completed the topmost Message, then the Campaign's next Message is displayed, and so on until the user has completed all of the Campaign's Messages.

Campaigns are best suited for structured delivery of information in a particular sequence of Messages.

  • Onboarding for an event (i.e. project milestone, implementation "go-live", new product launch)
  • Micro-Learning Course


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