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uAlign Administrators: How do I add users?


The organization's administrator can invite new users via three methods:

When inviting users, the administrator can select a User, Author or Administrator role for the invited users. If the organization has created user groups, the administrator can optionally select the user group to add the users to when they are invited.

Before adding new users to uAlign, it’s best to determine whether they will be designated to a specific user group(s).  User Groups are an easy way to to target messages to a specific audience.  If users will be designated to a specific user group, then you should first create the desired user group(s) and then invite new users.  This will avoid having to designate each new user to a user group manually.


  • Product: ANCILE uAlign


  1. Ensure that the proper organization name is displayed in the upper left.
  2. Click the Manage tab.
  3. Click Users on the left navigation bar.
  4. Click Invite Users.
  5. Specify new users:
    • To invite new users individually, enter each user's email address into the Email Addresses field, separated by commas.
    • To invite new users in bulk using a comma-separated value (CSV) file, click Browse... to select the CSV file.

      NOTE: You may assign imported members to one User Group and one Role only. If there are adding members that belong to different User Groups and/or Roles, create and upload a separate CSV file for each User Group and Role.  

  6. In the Organizational Role list, select the desired role for the new users: User, Author, or Administrator.
  7. In the User Group list, optionally select the desired group to which the new users will be assigned.
  8. Select the Invitation Content that will appear in the invitation email: Default or Custom.
    • To modify the custom invitation email message, click Manage Custom Invitation Content.
  9. Click Save.


If uAlign displays the message, "The CSV file could not be read.", please ensure that the CSV file is valid

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