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uAlign Administrators: How do I determine the channels and campaigns to which a user is subscribed?


ANCILE allows you to generate a comma separated value (.csv) summary report that includes information about the channels and campaigns associated with each user's delivered messages. Using Microsoft Excel, you can open and filter this summary report to determine the channels and campaigns to which a user is subscribed.


  • ANCILE uAlign


  1. Follow the steps to generate and download a uAlign summary report.
  2. Open the summary report .csv file using Microsoft Excel.

    NOTE: Ensure that Excel uses commas to delimit each column. The resulting spreadsheet should have a separate column for each field in the summary report.

  3. In Microsoft Excel, select the entire spreadsheet and create a new pivot table.

  4. In the new pivot table, assign the field names as follows:

    • Assign the Username or Email field to Filters
    • Assign the DeliveredIn field to Rows
  5. Click the filter arrow next to Username or Email to filter the pivot table for the desired user. The user's subscribed channels and campaigns are listed in the pivot table.


In the example below, the pivot table indicates that user "ancile.demo.81" is subscribed to 5 channels/campaigns. 

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