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uAlign Authors: How do I create or edit campaign?


A Campaign contains a collection of related messages that the user must complete in the order specified by the author. A user can see how many messages are in a Campaign, but they can access only the topmost message. Once the user has completed the topmost message, then the Campaign's next message is displayed, and so on until the user has completed all of the Campaign's messages. Thus, the overall Campaign has a single start date and due date, rather than each of the Campaign's messages having their own start date and due date.


  1. Ensure that the proper organization name is displayed in the upper left.
  2. Click the Manage tab.
  3. Click Campaigns on the left navigation bar.
  4. To create a new campaign, click Add Campaign. To edit an existing campaign, select the campaign from the list and click Select.
  5. In the Name field, enter the name of the campaign (up to 64 characters).
  6. In the Start Date field Select the date when the campaign's first message should be available to subscribers.
  7. In the Due By selection, select the date when all the campaign's messages must be completed.
    • To select a fixed calendar date, select Fixed Date and choose the Due Date.
    • To select a due date based upon a specified number of calendar days, select Rolling Date and choose the Number Of Days to Complete (whole number from 1 - 365). Any new users subscribed to a rolling campaign will have the full duration to complete the campaign's messages, regardless of when they were subscribed to the campaign.

      NOTE: Once the campaign is saved, you cannot change the campaign's Due By selection from Fixed Date to Rolling Date or vice versa.

  8. In the Description field, enter an optional description of the campaign (up to 64 characters). This description will only be seen by other authors and administrators.
  9. To add or remove campaign subscribers:
    1. In the Add / Delete Subscribers list, highlight the subscriber's name to be added or removed.
    2. Click Subscribe user arrow or Unsubscribe user arrow as desired.
  10. To add or remove approved authors for the campaign:

    NOTE: If you assign specific authors to a channel or campaign, then ONLY the assigned authors can create messages in the channel or campaign.  Otherwise, if you choose not to assign specific authors to a channel or campaign, then ANY author can create messages in the channel or campaign.

    1. In the Add / Delete Authors list, highlight the author's name to be added or removed.
    2. Click Authorize author arrow or Deauthorize author arrow as desired.
  11. Click Add or Save as appropriate.
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