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uAlign Administrators: How do I generate summary reports?


A summary report is a comma separated value (.csv) report that can contain data from one or more user groups and streams within an organization. The summary report will include the responses from each user for one or more messages and streams within an organization.

The amount of time to generate the report will depend on the number of users and messages in the selected groups and streams.

Once downloaded, you can open the .csv report using a spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel


  • Product: ANCILE uAlign


  1. Ensure that the proper organization name is displayed in the upper left.
  2. Click the Report tab.
  3. Select the desired user groups. The report will include responses from members of the group(s) you select. If you want the report to include everyone in the organization, click the Everyone group.
  4. Select the desired streams. The report will include messages delivered in the stream(s) you select. Click Select All at the bottom of the list if you want messages from all streams included in the report.
  5. Click the Run Report button.

You will be notified via email when the report is ready to be downloaded. Only you will be able to download the report. The report will be available for download for 72 hours. After 72 hours, the report will be deleted.

  1. When the email is received, click the Download Report button in the email.
  2. Click the Download Report (.csv) button.

NOTE: In some cases, the web browser renames the report file with a .txt extension.  Prior to opening the report, simply rename the file with a .csv extension.

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