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uAlign Administrators: How do I determine if a user completes their messages before the due date or after the due date?


ANCILE allows you to generate a comma separated value (.csv) summary report that includes information about when each user has responded to their messages. Using Microsoft Excel, you can use the NETWORKDAYS formula to calculate the number of whole working days between the message's due date and the date the user completed the message.


  • ANCILE uAlign


  1. Follow the steps to generate and download a uAlign summary report.
  2. Open the summary report .csv file using Microsoft Excel.

    NOTE: Ensure that Excel uses commas to delimit each column. The resulting spreadsheet should have a separate column for each field in the summary report.

  3. In the spreadsheet, move to an available empty column and select the entire column.

  4. In the formula textbox, enter =NETWORKDAYS(H1,K1) and press CONTROL-ENTER (or ⌘-ENTER on MacOS) to autofill the formula into the entire column.

The new column will display the number of working days between each Completed message's due date and the date the user completed the message:

  • A negative number indicates the user completed the message before the due date
  • A positive number indicates the user completed the message after the due date

This formula only applies to Completed messages. If a message's Status (column Q) is Overdue, Awaiting Response, or Incomplete, then the value displayed by the formula will be irrelevant.

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