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uAlign Administrators: When does uAlign send email messages?


  • Product: ANCILE uAlign


uAlign will send emails...

...when a new uAlign organization is created and it's owner is assigned.

uAlign will send an initial message to the uAlign organization's owner with instructions on how to register and begin using uAlign.

...when a new user has been invited to join uAlign, or an existing uAlign user is invited to join another uAlign organization.

When a uAlign administrator adds a new user's email to uAlign, the new user receives an email containing a link to register with uAlign. If the email address has already been registered in uAlign, the user will receive a message notifying them of their membership in a new uAlign organization; no additional registration is needed.

...when an administrator or author publishes a message that is due today.

All subscribers who will receive the same-day uAlign message will also receive an email from uAlign (regardless of their uAlign profile setting) notifying them that a new message is due today.

...when a user has messages that are overdue, or due within 7 calendar days.

If a uAlign user hasn't yet responded to messages that are overdue and/or messages that are due in 7 calendar days or less, and the user has selected daily or weekly notifications in their uAlign profile, the user will receive an email from uAlign summarizing the messages that are due.

...when an author or administrator clicks the 'Send Notification' icon for a message.

A uAlign author may send an immediate email notification for any message that has been delivered, but not yet completed. Each user who has not responded to the message will receive an email notification for that message, regardless of the user's uAlign profile setting.

...when an administrator requests a summary report from the Reports screen.

A summary report is a report that can contain data from one or more user groups and streams within an organization. The amount of time to generate the report will depend on the number of users and messages in the selected groups and streams. When the report is ready to be downloaded, uAlign will send an email to the administrator requesting the report. The report will be available for download for 72 hours, and will be deleted after 72 hours.

...when a uAlign user submits a support request.

If a user or author clicks the 'Support' link at the bottom of the uAlign window and enters a new support ticket for the local administrator, each uAlign administrator in the organization will receive an email from uAlign alerting them to the new ticket.

During uAlign evaluations, uAlign will send additional messages...

...when there's no activity during a uAlign trial.

If an evaluation organization in uAlign doesn't have any activity (no organizational users have logged in) within three days, uAlign will send a notification email to the organization owner. The notification content informs the organization owner that there has been no activity in the last 72 hours, and it provides links to contact ANCILE if they have questions.

...when a uAlign trial is about to expire.

uAlign sends an email to the organization administrator 5 days before the trial's expiration, and again on the day before the trial's expiration.

...when a uAlign trial has expired.

uAlign sends an email to the organization administrator to inform them that the trial has expired, and that the data created during the trial will be deleted 30 days after the expiration date.

...when a uAlign trial’s data is about to be deleted.

uAlign sends an email to the organization administrator 5 days before the trial's data is to be deleted, and again on the day before the trial's data is to be deleted.

...when a uAlign trial’s data has been deleted.

uAlign sends an email to the organization administrator to inform them that their trial data has been deleted.
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